The Black Path is also divided into three sepreate grades - Green & Black, Black & Green and Black.
Marbo ~ Black Path
G&B - focus’s on the refinement of the Red and Green Paths and the striving toward a recognised Apex standard of technical performance. There are 317 tests, one-on-on guidance and a time limit of one year to pass.
B&G - elevates the Pathwalkers capabilities through a series of "Concepts”, to a level where; all body movement can be reflexively assessed, [and counters prepared], at reflex speed, optimum [Apex] technique becomes the norm, and the opponents projected energy, re-cycled.
B - Black rank can be worn by those members who have passed the required tests for the “Black“ Grade (BG). The higher Black Grades pertain to those attributes cultivated through re-framing the “Concepts”.
Black Grade information is only made available to "Full" PG members.
Black Gradings are held at Crogen and The PG Sanctuary in Transylvania.
"I doubled my repertoire with just one hour of Black and Green training."
Rich, GGSG.
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