“A three minute bout on a flat surface in a well lit room is no substitute for the real experience of being attacked on a dark night crossing rough ground with the rain in your eyes. The gang of muggers do not obey any rules. The rapist does not obey rules. The thugs and robbers do not obey any rules, The Pathwalker Rules“. AM
Marbo ~ non sport Martial Art
Marbo is the only “Martial Art” [known] that has a rule that members must never display [Pathwalker] methods and techniques in competition, display, or tournament. The myriad reasons, (vide infra) why the Pathwalker Guild does not play in tournament, suggests that our [technical] position, in the scheme of things, is closer to that of the [special forces military] unarmed combat systems [effective and operative technique, ergo, apex], than that of the sport centred martial arts. The Pathwalker Guild prides itself on its safety record putting the safety of its members first. This is why all methods and techniques are taught thoroughly, demonstrated, rehearsed in slow motion many times and always under the “safety eye” of an experienced Instructor. If and when one of our members has to miss a training session through injury, that injury will almost certainly have been sustained outside of the Pathwalker training environment and almost certainly from the members participation in a sport.
It is important to note that the Protocols of The Pathwalker Guild forbid a Pathwalker from being an aggressor, defattack (riposte or pre-emptive application of technique) yes, but aggressor, no. Pathwalker skills are used to combat the actions of the dishonourable, no more and no less.
It can be argued that the “Codes of Honour” that used to bind and limit the warriors application of his skills has devolved into the rules of tournament, caged or otherwise. Few [martial] arts remain that have not been castrated for sport purposes. The Pathwalker does not believe in a rule governed defence. Necessity, practicality, honour and compassion govern the means, methods and techniques the Pathwalker chooses to apply in his/her defence, capability being the only restriction. Brutal tactical choices are reflexively made in order to arrive at a survival outcome, from a deflection to a Throat Throw.
Our Protocols forbid us from “playing” in tournament and any member found to be doing so faces expulsion from the Pathwalker Guild. The Pathwalker conceals his/her abilities.
Consider this; in a “fair” fight, the odds are not on your side, the odds are equal. For the odds to be in your favour [in the real world] you must possess an advantage, an edge, the Pathwalker [Marbo] training provides this edge.

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