The Green Path also consists of 101 training methods and techniques is divided into three sepreate grades (Tags) - G1, G2 and G3.
Marbo ~ Green Path
G1 ~ Focuses on the members ambidextrous development. Riposting, hooking kicks and Multi directional counter attack mobility.
Upon successful completion of G1, Members can progress to aditional day trainers [DT] - Basic Day of Sparring and apply to join the Instructor Cadre.
G2 ~ Stability and mobility are enhanced along with hand-eye, hand-hand and hand-foot co-ordination, footwork and Balance in Motion.
Upon successful completion of G2, Members can progress to additional day trainers [DT] - Basic Day of Zamora and Bushcraft & Survival.
G3 ~ Three hundred and sixty degree attack tek rehearsal for multiple attacker defence. Advanced level accuracy, fortitude and steadfastness. Multi level and directional striking, Agility and mobility greatly enhanced.
This grade is prepartion for undertaking the coveted Black grades.
"Everyone seems to be a kung fu master today, at Marbo we master ourselves." Neil
Upon successful completion of G3, Members can progress to aditional day trainers [DT] - INSUR, Intermidiate Day of Sparring, Int Day of Wood, and Int Day of Zamora.
Grading fees: G1 & G2 = 12.50 (in branch). G3 = 32.50 (full day at Crogen).
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