The Marbo School teaches three weapon systems: The Staff, The Baton and The Zamora.
Marbo ~ Weaponry
The Oak Staff (5-6 ft) is the multi tool of the Pathwalker and the "side-arm" of every mountain man. The Basic Day of Wood [BasDOW] is an extension of the Pathwalkers martial art. The day familiarizes members with the use of both light and heavy staffs and prepares the member for opponents armed with a short staff, baton or similar (eg base ball bat).
The Zamora, unique to the Pathwalker, is an ancient close range weapon, an extension of the members [Marbo] techniques. The Zamora provides the Pathwalker with the ability to greatly enhance the application of Parries and Take Downs. The Zamora is the traditional self defence weapon of the Pathwalker Guild, an extension of the techniques of Marbo, the Martial Art of the original Pathwalkers, "a force multiplier" (D.Int corps).
The Baton (or short staff 2-3 ft) can be used one or two handed. Baton methods and techniques are rehearsed with heavy hardwood batons, light flexible rattan batons and staff cut-offs. Baton use is almost identical to the use of the Staff, hence the conversion course.
 "Marbo's opened new doors, new things and given me the skills to defend myself and others" Pete
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