Sessions are held either one on one (Ashwayna), one of four (Chargash) or multi level classes [subject to Instructors rank].
Marbo ~ Red Path
The Red Path teaches the individual the use of hands, feet, knees, elbows, forearms and head as weapons; the use of holds, locks, and throws; defending oneself from the ground and many ways to identify an agressor before they can commit to an attack, defusing aggression and escape.

A Marbo branch may hold its training sessions in a hired hall, or outside in a secluded area of a local park or woodland.

Reds are "prospective" Members of the Marbo School of Martial Arts & Survival.

In order to gain Full Membership Reds must complete a 3 part test:

  1 - In Branch Assessment of 101 basic techniques.
  2 - 23 "Spot test", Stations and the "Flatrock Ex" at Crogen assessed by the PG Instructor Cadre to gain the rank of Green.
  3 - Safety in Sparring - assessed by [qualified] fellow Members.
"I like the friendly atmosphere and it's helped build my confidence." Moggy
Grading fee: 35.00 (full day at Crogen).
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